Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
of the Ashtead Village Club
held at the Clubhouse on 20th April 2006

The meeting commenced at 8:15pm with the President, Mr Anthony Shackleford in the chair. The minutes were taken by William Adams, Honorary Secretary
  1. To confirm the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 20th April 2005.

  2. It was proposed by Gerry Richards and seconded by John Curran that these are a true record which was unanimously approved by the meeting.

  3. To consider the Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2005.

  4. The treasurer having made his report, it was proposed by Paul Clarke and seconded by W. Ventham-Smith that the meeting approve the accounts for 2005 which it did unanimously.

  5. To receive the report of the President.
  6. The president made his annual report to the committee as published with the 2005 accounts.

  7. To receive the report of the Chairman.
  8. The chairman in making his report echoed the president's thanks for the work done by the committee in the past year.

  9. Rule 3 - Subscriptions for the year 2007 - Full Member 12 (incl. VAT), O.A.P. 6 (incl. VAT).
    The committee recommended that the subscriptions be 15 for Male members under 65 and 8 Male members over 65. It was proposed by Paul Clarke and seconded by Paul Scoble that the meeting accept the committee's proposals. It duly did, the voting being 17 for with 2 against.

  10. Rule 9 - Subscriptions for the year 2007 - Lady Member 6 (incl. VAT), O.A.P. 3 (incl. VAT).
    The committee recommended that the subscriptions be 8 for Lady members under 60 and 4 Lady members over 60. It was proposed by Les Benjamin and seconded by Andrew Cunningham. The voting was 18 for with 1 against.

  11. Rule 2 - Entrance fee for new members- 15 (incl. VAT).

  12. It was proposed by Dave Weller and seconded by Barry Kidger that the entrance fee remain at 15. It was unanimously approved.

  13. Rule 14 - Payments to committee members.
  14. Les Benjamin proposed and John Curran seconded that rule 14 be suspended for 2006. This was unanimously approved.

  15. To appoint three scrutineers to carry out the ballot for the election of a President, a Vice-President, a Chairman, an Hon. Treasurer,and Committee-men.
  16. Scrutineers for the elections to the committee to be held on the club premises on Friday 26 April and saturday 27 April. Mr Chris Mildner undertook the duties on Friday 26 between noon and 2pm and 7pm to 10pm. Mr Barry Channel would oversee the election on Saturday noon to 2pm and 6pm to 9pm.

  17. To appoint a trustee.
  18. Proposed Paul Scoble and seconded Dave Weller that Peter Bailey be elected to the vacant post of trustee. It was unaimously approved.

  19. To appoint an Auditor.
  20. It was proposed Paul Scoble and seconded by Paul Clarke that Brown & Co be reappointed. It was unanimously approved.

  21. Any other proposals of which due notice may have been given.
  22. None.

Meeting closed at 9:05pm.