Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
    of the Ashtead Village Club held in the Club House
    Wednesday 21st April 2010

The meeting commenced at 8:15pm with the President, Mr Anthony Shackleford taking the chair. The minutes were taken by Mr William Adams, Honorary Secretary.

  1. To confirm the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 22nd April 2009.
  2. Proposed Mr Paul Scoble, seconded Mr Andrew Cunningham that these are a true and accurate record. Vote unanimous.

  3. To consider the statement of accounts for the year ended 31st December 2009.
  4. The Treasurer presented the accounts to the meeting. Mr Scott Nelson enquired as to how many members had renewed so far this year. Answer: 402. Mr David Doubleday asked for a breakdown of expenditure on entertainment which was given. Mrs Brenda Munday suggested that the Entertainments Committee look for cheaper bands as the local pubs do. Mrs Pam Ventham Smith asked about the figure regarding the loss on sale of assets. The Treasurer replied that it was not strictly a sale but a write down. Mr Dave Doubleday questioned the fruit machine income. The Treasurer gave a satisfactory reply.

    Following a proposal by Mr Wyndham Ventham-Smith, seconded by Mr Shawn Knights the meeting approved the accounts.

  5. To receive a report of the President.
  6. The President presented his report to the meeting which was, as usual warmly received.

    The President presented certificates to six newly elected life members; Mr R.J Cooke, Mr Richard Gardner, Mr Roger Hooker, Mr Shawn Knights, Mr Tim O'Riordan and Mr Neil Baxter.

    On a sad note the President asked the meeting to hold a minutes silence for the four club members who passed away during 2009; Mr John Donovan, Mr Ron Eastman, Mr Carl Farrah and Mr David Philbee. This was respectfully observed.

    The President announced to the meeting his retirement from the post.

  7. To receive the report of the Chairman and present the Clubman of the year award.
  8. The Chairman thanked the President for his over 30 years service to the club. The Chairman thanked the committee for their efforts on behalf of the club during 2009 and presented the Clubman of the Year award to Mr Andy Collins.

  9. Rule 3 - subscriptions for the year 2011.
  10. Proposed by Mr David Doubleday, seconded by Mr Gary Pickford they remain unaltered. Unanimously approved.

  11. Rule 2 - entrance fee for new members.
  12. Proposed by Mr Paul Scoble, seconded by Mr Andrew Cunningham the fee be waived for 2011. Proposed carried 33 for, 1 against.

  13. Rule 14 - Payments to committee members
  14. Proposed by Mr Wyndham Ventham-Smith, seconded by Mr Scott Nelson that rule 14 be suspended for 2011 which was unanimously approved.

  15. To appoint scrutineers to carry out the ballot for the election of a President, a Vice President, a Chairman, an Honorary Treasurer and 9 committee-men.
  16. The following agreed to act as scrutineers:

    Friday lunchtime

    Mrs Pam Ventham-Smith and Mr Wyndham Ventham-Smith

    Friday Evening

    Mr Barry Channell

    Saturday lunchtime

    Mr Cyril Bacon and Mrs Heather Robinson

    Saturday evening

    Mr Barry Channell.

  17. To appoint an auditor.
  18. Proposed by Mr Clive Scott, seconded by Mr Doug Robinson that we retain Brown and Co . Unanimously approved.

  19. The Future of the club
  20. Mr David Doubleday suggested we operate a tote to raise money. Suggestions from the floor that we advertise events on our website. Mr Neil Baxter questioned the annual wage bill. The Secretary replied that the amount paid in wages equaled 238 per day, 365 days a year. The Treasurer said that we were probably open for too many hours.

There being no other business of which due notice being given the meeting closed at 9:15pm