Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
    of the Ashtead Village Club held on Wednesday 17 April 2013

The meeting commenced at 8:15pm with the President, Mr Robert Gibb taking the chair. The minutes were taken by Mr William Adams, Honorary Secretary.
  1. To confirm the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 18 April 2012.

  2. Proposed Mr John Curran, seconded Mr Wyndham Ventham-Smith that these are a true record. Vote unanimous.

  3. To consider the statement of accounts for the year ended 31 December 2012.

  4. The Treasurer, Mr Clive Scott presented the accounts to the meeting. Mrs Pam Ventham-Smith queried the item of bank interest under expenses, the treasurer stated that this was interest paid not received. After a proposal by Mr Andrew Cunningham which was seconded by Mrs Pam Ventham-Smith the meeting unanimously approved the accounts.

  5. To receive a report of the President.

  6. The President presented his report to the meeting.

    The President then presented certificates to newly elected life members of the club; Mr Terry Dillon, Mr Terry Mann, Mr Phil Sayers, Mr Derek Pickford and Mr Jack Temple.

    Mr Wyndham Ventham-Smith was then presented with the award for clubman of the year.

    One minutes silence was observed in memory Mr Bernie Murtagh who passed away in 2012.

  7. To receive the report of the Chairman.

  8. The Chairman thanked all members for their support during the past year especially Andy Collins for the raffles, Ben Haynes for the racing activities and Pam Ventham-Smith for organising the senior membersí outing.

  9. Rule 3 - subscriptions for the year 2014.

  10. A proposal by Mr Anthony Schackleford which was seconded by Mr Paul Scoble that they remain the same was unanimously approved.

  11. Rule 2 - entrance fee for new and lapsed members.

  12. Proposed by Mr Andrew Cunningham, seconded by Mr John Curran entry fees should be waived for 2014. Vote unanimous.

  13. Rule 14 - Payments to committee members

  14. Proposed by Mr Anthony Shackleford, seconded by Mr Don Dowd. Rule 14 be suspended for 2014.

  15. To appoint three scrutineers for elections.

  16. Proposed: Mr John Curran and Seconded: Mr Don Dowd. Should a ballot be necessary which at present looked unlikely, the Secretary will appoint scrutineers. Vote Unanimous.

  17. To appoint an auditor.

  18. Proposed by Mr Paul Scoble, seconded by Mr Andrew Cunningham that we retain Brown and Co. Unanimously approved.

  19. Any other business.

  20. As none was received the meeting closed at 8:40pm.