Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
of the Ashtead Village Club held on Wednesday 15 April 2015

The meeting commenced at 8:20pm with the President, Mr Robert Gibb taking the chair. The minutes were taken by Mr William Adams, Honorary Secretary. Apologies for absence: Gill Robinson.

  1. To confirm the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on April 2013

    Proposed Mr Wyndham Ventham-Smith, seconded Mr Peter Whiting that these are a true record. Unanimously approved.

  2. To consider the statement of accounts for the year ended 31 December 2013

    The Treasurer, Mr Clive Scott reported that overall 2014 was a satisfactory year.
    The dark clouds disappeared due to a good start financially for the year. Resulting in the club being able to repay the Inland Revenue 17,604 without the club having to take out a loan which would have been difficult as various avenues were explored without success.
    Trading profit increased by 11.1%.
    A proposal by Mrs Pam Ventham-Smith which was seconded by Mr Doug Robinson the meeting unanimously approved the accounts.

  3. To receive a report of the President

    The President thanked the committee and staff for their efforts during 2014.
    The President presented life membership certificates to Mr Don Dowd, Mr William Cooper and Mr Kenneth Coppard. Mr William Cooper and Mr Kenneth Coppard were unable to attend.
    A minutes silence was held for the members who sadly passed away during 2014; Mr Alan McDonald, Mr Max Phillips, Mr Arthur Wadsworth and Mr Gary Pickford, past president of the club. This was respectively observed.

  4. To receive the report of the Chairman

    The Chairman, Mr Paul Scoble thanked the staff and committee for their efforts during the past year and the valuable help of other members. The chairman commented on the low turnout of members attending the AGM.

  5. Rule 3 - subscriptions for the year 2015

    Proposed by Mr Paul Scoble seconded by Mr Peter Whiting that the subscriptions for 2016 remain unchanged. Unanimously approved by the meeting.

  6. Rule 2 - entrance fee for new and lapsed members.

    Proposed by Mr Dave Spence, seconded by Mr Andrew Cunningham the entrance fee be waived for 2016. Unanimously approved.

  7. Rule 14 - Payments to committee members

    Proposed by Mr Don Dowd seconded by Mr Peter Whiting that rule 14 be suspended in 2016. Unanimously approved.

  8. To appoint three scrutineers for the ballot for the election of a president, vice president, chairman, honorary treasurer and 9 committeemen.

    As once again it looked unlikely, due to the lack of nominations a ballot would be required, Mr Andrew Cunningham proposed, seconded by Mr John Curran that should a ballot be required, the Secretary would appoint scrutineers. Unanimously approved.

  9. To appoint an auditor

    Proposed by Mr Clive Scott, seconded by Mrs Heather Robinson that we retain Brown and Co. Unanimously approved.

  10. Any other business of which due notice was given

    A proposal by Mrs Heather Robinson, seconded by Mr Paul Scoble that a list of lapsed members be displayed in the club forthwith was unanimously approved.
    Mr Clive Costello questioned the staffing levels of the bar especially during the busy early evening session and football matches. The chairman said that the committee would consider the comments.

    Meeting closed at 9.00pm.