Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
of the Ashtead Village Club held on Wednesday 18 April 2018

The meeting commenced at 8:15pm with the President, Mr Robert Gibb taking the chair.
  1. To confirm the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 19 April 2017

    Proposed by Mr Wyndham Ventham-Smith and seconded by Marcus Beecher that the minutes are a true record was unanimously approved by the meeting.

  2. To consider the statement of accounts for the year ended 31 December 2017

    After the treasurer made his report, a proposal by Mrs Pam Ventham-Smith which was seconded by Mr Anthony Shackleford that the accounts be accepted was unanimously approved by the meeting.

  3. To receive a report of the President

    After making his report to the meeting, the President asked for the meeting to stand for a minutes silence in memory of club members who passed away during 2017; Ruth Butcher, Peter Clement, Patrick Crowe, Christopher Segar-Thomas, Paul Rogers and Edward Yates. This was respectively observed.

  4. To receive the report of the Chair

    The chair was unable to attend the meeting due to business commitments.

  5. Rule 3 - subscriptions for the year 2019

    Proposed by Mr Doug Robinson, seconded by Mr Peter Whiting that the subscriptions remain the same for 2019. Unanimously approved.

  6. Rule 2 - entrance fee for new and lapsed members.

    Proposed by Mr Wyndham Ventham-Smith, seconded by Mr Anthony Shackleford the entrance fee be waived for 2019. Unanimously approved.

  7. Rule 14 - Payments to committee members

    Proposed by Mr Marcus Beecher seconded by Mrs Alison Schaus that rule 14 be suspended for 2019. Unanimously approved.

  8. To appoint three scrutineers for the ballot for the election of a president, vice president, chairman, honorary treasurer and 9 committee members.

    Friday12-2pmJohn Curran and Wyndham Ventham-Smith
    8-10pmBarry Channel and John Curran
    Saturday12-2pmWyndham Ventham-Smith and Pam Ventham-Smith
    8-10pmBarry Channel and John Curran

  9. To appoint an auditor

    Proposed Mr David Spence, seconded Mr Peter Whiting that Brown and Co be retained as Auditors. Unanimously approved.

  10. Any other motions with due notice

    None received.

    The meeting closed at 8:45pm