Beer Festival

Barbecue 2008 On the 4th and 5th May, the club held its first beer festival with 15 cask ales to try out. We had a disapponting turnout from the public and CAMRA branch members so it wasn't an economic success but we will endeavour to hold one in future years but on a less ambitious scale.

Our thanks go especially to Paul Scoble who supplied most of the materials and erected the bar, ably assisted by Andrew Cunningham. He also singlehanded took it down at the end of the festival.

The list of beers and tasting notes were as follows:
Brewery Beer Brewed ABV Tasting notes
Wyre Piddle Piddle in the cellar Worcestershire 4.2 A very easy drinking ale with a perfect balance of sweetness & bitterness
Brains Reverand James Cardiff, Wales 4.5 Full bodied and warming, rich on the palate, spicy and aromatic with a deeply satisfying finish.
Sharps Eden pure Cornwall 4.3 Hops dominate the aroma complemented by light fruit esters. In the mouth hops are the centrepiece with dry bitterness and a hint of malty sweetness.
Sharps Doom Bar Cornwall 4.0 A tawny bitter with little aroma but a smooth and moderately fruity and malty taste. It can be quite bitter, masking other flavours. The finish is long but pleasantly bitter.
Batemans Maypole dancer Wainfleet, Lincolnshire 4.4 A deep golden beer beautifully balanced by a combination of traditional malts with a mixture of classic English Goldings and North American Williamette hops.
Ringwood Best bitter Hampshire 3.8 Tempting aroma with fruit notes. Good malt feel in the mouth, dry tangy and fruit finish. Delicious, easy drinking slightly tart pale bitter.
Ringwood Old thumper Hampshire 5.6 Peppery, spicy aroma with a hint of apples. Luscious balance of grain and hop in the mouth, bitter sweet finish with delicious fuit notes. Warm, rounded yet satisfying delicate pale strong beer.
Ringwood Forty niner Hampshire 4.9 Light, fresh hop bouquet. Rounded malt in the mouth with strong hop balance, deep bitter-sweet finish. Golden full-bodied malty beer.
Ringwood 78 Hampshire 4.2 This special anniversary beer to celebrate 30 years of the brewery's the 1st new beer which its produced in 5 years. It is golden in colour with a malty flavour balanced by a subtle hoppiness.
Courage Best bitter Bedford 4.0 Pale brown beer with hops throughout and a bitter aftertaste.
Archers Nevada Wiltshire 3.8 Pale coloured with a lemony bitter finish
Marstons Pedigree Burton 4.5 Sweet beer with a slight sulphur aroma, has the hoppy but sweet finish of a short session beer.
Marstons Burton bitter Burton 3.8 Overwhelming sulphurous aroma supports a scattering of hops and fruits with an easy drinking sweetness, suddenly the taste develops from the sweet middle to a satisfying hoppy finish.
Jennings Cocker hoop Cumbria 4.6 A rich creamy copper coloured beer with a raisiny maltiness balanced with a resiny hoppiness, developing bitterness towards the end.
Jennings Yan t' Yan Tethera Cumbria 3.8 Light gold coloured ale with subtle nutty caramel tones and a creamy finish.