Management committee

The committee consists of up to 9 members, plus the President, Vice President, Chairman and the 2 officers, the Secretary and the Treasurer. All stand for election each year, 2 weeks after the AGM which is held in Mid April. The exception is the Secretary who is elected on appointment only. We also have 3 trustees whose term of office is 5 years.

The officers for 2019 are as follows:

President Peter Whiting
Vice President David Spence
Chairman Paul Scoble
Secretary William Adams
Treasurer Clive Scott
Committee Daniel Down
  Martin Gould
  Trevor Patey
  Chaz Earp
  Grant Reid (resigned)
  George Joyce (resigned)
  Jimmy Bryden
  Susan Hughes
  Marcus Beecher
Trustees Robert Gibb
  Doug Robinson
  Anthony Shackleford