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Televised football matches in May

Sky Sports
Friday 4Brighton v Manchester United7:30pmSky Sports
Saturday 5Stoke City v Crystal Palace11:30amSky Sports
Sunday 6Manchester City v Huddersfield Town2:30pmSky Sports
Sunday 6Chelsea v Liverpool3:30pmSky Sports
Tuesday 8Swansea City v Southampton7:30pmSky Sports
Tuesday 3Fulham v Leeds United7:30pmSky Sports
Wednesday 9Chelsea v Huddersfield Town7:30pmSky Sports
Thursday 10West Ham v Manchester United7:30pmSky Sports
Friday 11EFL Championship play-off semi-final7:30pmSky Sports
Saturday 12EFL League 1 play-off semi-final12:15pmSky Sports
Saturday 12EFL League 2 play-off semi-final2:45pmSky Sports
Saturday 12EFL Championship play-off semi-final5:15pmSky Sports
Saturday 12EFL League 2 play-off semi-final7:15pmSky Sports
Sunday 13EFL League 1 play-off semi-final5pmSky Sports
Monday 14EFL Championship play-off semi-final7:30pmSky Sports
Tuesday 15EFL Championship play-off semi-final7:30pmSky Sports
Wednesday 16EFL League 2 play-off semi-final7:30pmSky Sports
Friday 18EFL League 1 play-off semi-final7:30pmSky Sports
Saturday 19Chelsea v Manchester United4pmBT Sports
Saturday 26EFL Championship play-off final4pmSky Sports
Monday 28EFL League 2 play-off final2pmSky Sports
World cup 2018 Although the World Cup is not till June 2018, you may wish to view the fixtures table now. This will replace the main football page during the tournament and will be updated on a daily basis.