History of the club

Old clubhouseThe Club was founded in 1887. Like many men's clubs dating from that era, it started as a church social club to provide the men of the village with an alternative source of recreation to the public house. The first president of the club was the Rev. F.G.L. Lucas 1887-1910, followed by E. Pantia Ralli Esq of Ashtead Park 1911-4. The Rev. R.A. Waddilove succeeded in 1915, illustrating the important position the club held in village life.Snooker table in Old clubhouse

The club's first meetings were held in a coffee room in The Street but a year later activities were transferred to the present site, 104 The Street on land which was part of the grounds of a house called 'The Elms' which stood where Jennifer Court is today. The first club premises were constructed mainly of corrugated iron and were really two huts joined together.

The Club was first licensed in 1911 when a pint of beer was a penny a pint. At that time the lub was for men only and the members enjoyed a drink and a game of billiards or snooker on one of three tables presented by Mr Rourke, the Lady Gasgoigne and Mr H.M. Merriman.

1952 outingIn 1926 the club purchased the freehold of the property from the executors of the Mrs Sarah Ann Richardson, late of 'The Elms'. The purchase price being 810, the shortfall in club funds of 300 being made up by Mrs E. Bisiker and H.M. Merriman, these loans were later repaid. The Club was badly damaged during World War 2 when the German Air Force bombed the village in 1941, temporary repairs were effected and the club was partially rebuilt in 1951 and 1954.

Past officersHappily E.G. Merriman was on hand to perform the opening ceremony of the newly constructed two storey building in 1966. Entertainment at the club has, of course followed the fashion of the day. In 1911 a Victorian smoking evening was held. The programme card detailing piano recitals and 2 mandolin solos. On the 14th December 1944 a club concert was held in aid of the District Nursing Association and 27 was raised. The event was recorded in cartoon form by Jack Greenall, a celebrated newspaper cartoonist, who was a member of the club. Today entertainment includes live bands and karaoke.

The club's premises have been over the years been used by many diverse local organisations such as the Coroner's Court, Mother's Union, Royal British Legion, Ashtead Bowling Club, Ashtead Cricket Club and Ashtead Football Club.

More recent history

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