Membership rules

Members over the age of 18 are eligible to join but preference will be given to those living in the area. A joining fee may be payable with the first year's subscription and all membership applications have to be approved by the committee. There are lower rates for senior citizens. Members who have continuous membership of over 20 years and are over the state retirement age are entitled to become life members and will have free membership thereafter. Members can join the CIU by purchasing an Associate card and an annual passcard. This entitles them to use other CIU clubs. Members can bring in up to 2 guests on payment on an entrance fee but are responsible or their conduct.

Membership classes

The current subscription rates are as follows:



 Member under State Retirement Age



 Members over State Retirement Age



 Life members



 Joining fee


 Entrance fee - Guests

 1.00 per person

 Associate card - CIU


 Annual Pass card - CIU



The club membership rates now include a compulsory 6 for a door entry key fob which only applies to new members.

Membership application forms are available from the secretary or you can download in Adobe Acrobat format from the sub menu.