Deceased members

Please let us know when a member has died so that we can amend our records. Often they are life members who we have not seen some time so rely on members or relatives to keep us informed.


The following members died in 2023; Percy Holmes, Charles Ivitt Dickinson, Richard Swain, Roy Huntington, Phil Miles, James Jappy and Christopher Tate. Sadly just before Christmas, long time life member and ex-committee man, James Ryan died tragically after an accident at home.


The following members have died in 2022; Tony Venables, David Leggett, Betty Atkinson, Phil Sayers, Richard Gardner and Adrian Turner.


The following members died in 2021: Gordon Winder, Viv Ballanger, William Cooper, Bernie Capel and Gerry Newman.


The following members died in 2020: Robert Siddle who will be missed especially by the racing fraternity and Les Benjamin, ex committee member has died at the age of 46 from a heart attack. We have lost a number of members during the corona virus epidemic but not all caused by it that include our president Peter Whiting and his wife Janet, an ex committee member Mark Amos plus Alick Johnson, Tim O'Riordan, Brian Draisey, Eric Vassiere, Mick Huckle and Mark Slattery.


We sadly have to announce the death of probably our oldest member, Frank Gorard who died from pneumonia at the age of 96. He was still a regular visitor to the club up to about a year ago despite having poor eyesight and hearing. We have also lost long standing life members, Derrick Pickford, Joe Styles and Jack Temple plus member Ken Stephenson.


The following members have died in 2018: Paul Spicer and Ian Francis. Harry "the shoe" Hunt died on 11th September after suffering from a number of strokes. He has been a loyal, supportive and well liked member of the club for many years and will be greatly missed by the members who knew him. We have lost another life member, a friend of Harry Hunt, Louis Munt from dementia and Patricia O'Riordan has died after a long battle with cancer. Commisserations go to her husband Tim and the rest of the family. Another life member, Ray Cooke has also died recently.


The following members died in 2017; Ted Yates, Ruth Butcher and Patrick Crowe. Ex secretary and ex committeeman, Paul Rogers died from lung cancer. We have lost another member who served on the committee for a number of years, Christopher Seagar-Thomas. We lost another life member just after Christmas Peter Clement.


The following members died in 2016; A.D. Garner, Barry Jarvis, Tony Moody and Bob Atkinson.


The following members died in 2015; William Sherry, Joseph Cuddihy, Fred Nebbett and Ron Benjafield.


Gary Pickford died in May from a massive stroke, aged just 53. He had been a regular late evening drinker until recent poor health curtailed his visits. He will be missed by the regulars in the club.

Max Phillips also died in May. A long time life member of the club, he was over 90 when he died and whilst he hadn't used the club for a number of years, he was still a regular in the Brewery which was closer to where he lived.

Arthur Wadsworth, a life member of the club died on the 15th September leaving a wife, Sheila and son, Daniel. He was an independent councillor on Mole Valley District Council between 1994 and 2002. He was a keen hockey player and was an influential member of the Epsom Hockey Club. He was also a member of the Ashtead Bowls Club.


Roy Teale, a long time supporter of the club died early in the year.

Shawn Knights died, aged 72 during the year.


Bernie Murtagh who was regular user in the club, died towards the end of 2012 after suffering ill health for a number of years.


Although not a long standing member but he was very popular with other members, Peter Le Fevre died very unexpectedly in January.

Other members who have died this year are Keith Burgoyne and Bunny Haskins.


Dave Weller, a committee member died after a very short illness in March. He was a loyal and hard working club man who will be sadly missed. Our commiserations go out to his partner, Allison Nichols.


A popular and regular member of the club, Carl Farrah, aged 54 years sadly passed away in hospital after contracting double pneumonia.

John DonovanJohn Donovan who had been a member for over 40 years died in May following a long illness. He was a life member, a regular competitor in our angling competitions and used to be regular user of the club until recent years.

Another life member, Ron Eastman has passed away aged 77. He was a long standing member of the club who was part of one of our snooker teams for a number of years. In recent years he lived in Spain but always visited the club when he was in the country.

David Filbee lost his battle with cancer and died aged only 58. He was a regular user of the club.

Joe Denyer died from Cystic Fibrosis at the very young age of 24. We are running a collection and donation in his memory.


In the closing months of the year, Ada Colebert, wife of Stan Colebert who was a Vice President and committee member many years ago died. Philip Weeden, who has very generously donated money to the club in the past died. Michael McLoughlan also died.

Philip Whitehead was tragically killed on the 12th January 2008. He was a regular user of the club and an ex-committee member. Our condolescenes go out to his family.


Albert Beard died in mid April. He was a single man and very keen on his billiards. He was a member of the AVC billiard team for many years which competed in the CIU league.

Peter Bailey

One of our Trustees, Peter Bailey has sadly passed away from a brain tumour. Peter was a local man from a very old Ashtead family and like him were members of this club for many years. He worked in a factory in Leatherhead until it closed down. He and his wife enjoyed the club socially especially the special social events. The Club Christmas draw would find them both on the checking tables, at the senior members' seaside outing and Armistice Day to name a few. Peter was a long life member and a trustee who had the club interest very much to heart.


We heard sadly that one of our most regular members, Chris Mildner died on Christmas Eve with suspected heart failure. He used to work in the Insurance industry before being made redundant. He leaves 2 sons, Andrew and James.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Douglas Street (Dougie. Dougie was a church man all his life, he attended the local church school as a lad and worked here as a postman until his retirement. He joined the club many years ago, enjoying the social side, especially billiards and snooker. His greatest joy was the men's Brighton trip with his colleagues and attended the senior member's trip each year, taking the boat trip around Portsmouth harbour with his mates. For years he was committeeman and latterly a valued trustee, he was a dedicated member, taking particular interest in club issues. He will be greatly missed in this club. Our sincere condolences go to his daughter Maggie, his son Peter and family, close friends and colleagues.

Earlier in the year, we lost another one of our Trustees, ex Committee member and life member, John Sporne died after being unwell for sometime. He was active in the management of the club until relatively recently. He enjoyed a game of snooker with his friends.

Jack Kay, a regular in the club for a number of years died in April from a stroke from which he never recovered.

Other members who have died this year are as follows:

David Anscombe
Robert Woolman
Clive Duffy